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Please help to stop building on Forster Country which lies in the norther part of Stevenage and which is both Green Belt and a heritage asset. Lobby MPs, councillors and raise awareness. Email a formal objection to [email protected] against planning application 17/00862/OPM found on the Stevenage Borough Council website.

IN ADDITION, if you are a Stevenage resident in wards Bandley Hill, Bedwell, Chells, Longmeadow, Manor, Martins Wood, Old Town, Roebuck, St Nicholas or Woodfield PLEASE WRITE EITHER BY EMAIL OR PAPER MAIL TO YOUR PLANNING COUNCILLORS (Michelle Gardner {[email protected]} / Liz Harrington {[email protected]} / Lizzy Kelly {[email protected]} / [email protected] {[email protected]} / Tom Wren {[email protected]} / Doug Bainbridge {[email protected]} / Graham Snell {[email protected]} / Maureen McKay {[email protected]} / Jody Hanafin {[email protected]} / John Lloyd {[email protected]} / Sarah-Jane McDonough {[email protected]} / Sandra Barr {[email protected]} / Graham Lawrence {[email protected]}) REQUESTING THEM TO VOTE AGAINST THIS PLANNING APPLICATION MENTIONING THAT THEY REPRESENT YOU IN COUNCIL.

Why is this important?

Stevenage Borough Council (SBC) intend is to sanction building of housing in an area north of St Nicholas Church up to the Stevenage boundary. An outline planning application has been lodged with SBC for 800 homes. This land is dear to the hearts of hundreds of people both locally and much further afield as the land which the 20th century author E M Forster described as the loveliest in England. It is adjacent to his childhood home and is entirely Green belt. Building of these homes will mean a huge loss of amenity for ALL of Stevenage. North Hertfodshire have also proposed building on the adjacent area to the north.

Apart from the heritage aspect many residents use this land for walking, running, exercising their dogs and horse riding.It is virtually the only remaining green lung in the north of Stevenage.

How it will be delivered

This petition will be presented at the planning meeting which will be considering this planning application.


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Reasons for signing

  • New development cynical greedy use of land. No regard for heritage, quality of life, impact on land and wildlife.
  • The devastation caused to the remnants of existing wildlife corridors i.e. hedgerows and other woodland and green mature areas is immeasurable. Sadly once it's gone there will no replacement and the history and culture of the area will diminish along with it. The area will become another cold stagnant concrete development with no regard for how this landscape has been built over hundreds and thousands of years. We do have to look forwards but we should also learn from the past.
  • There are better alternatives.


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