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Save Group B Strep Babies

Save Group B Strep Babies

To ensure that ALL pregnant women in the U.K get screened during pregnancy for Group B Strepi

Why is this important?

My eldest daughter ( now 10), was born with this. She was very poorly and we were told that she may not survive. She was in the Neonatal unit for a week in Birmingham Women's Hospital. We later found out she also had pneumonia and pneumothorax. She was severely unwell. Most babies born with this who survive are deaf and have learning difficulties. Abby was a lucky one. The only way she has been affected is with a weakened immune system. THE SCARY THING IS WOMEN DO NOT KNOW THEY CARRY THIS DEADLY BACTERIA UNTIL THEIR BABIES ARE BORN AND ALL TOO OFTEN IT IS TOO LATE


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Reasons for signing

  • To help a friend
  • Please sign this petition. Let's stop babies being born with Group B Strep by getting mother's screened during pregnancy. Let's save these poor babies lives


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