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To: Haringey Council

Save Haringey's Parks and Green Spaces!

Haringey's parks are crucial spaces for all local communities. They need to be properly run, but are suffering from a serious lack of funding, staffing and maintenance.

We are calling on the Council to ensure

- safe, attractive, well-managed, well-maintained and well-protected public green spaces for all
- dedicated staffing for each significant park, and a well-staffed parks service
- no inappropriate commercial activities which have a detrimental impact or exclude residents from using their local parks

Why is this important?

All Haringey residents - of all ages and interests - benefit from access to public green spaces for their local community and neighbourhood.

But they must be well-run and in good condition in order to provide the many benefits all residents deserve. The parks staff do their best but don't have the numbers or resources to manage properly.

We need 2,200 people who live, work or study in Haringey to sign up with a local postcode (your home, workplace or school) by the end of February in order to trigger a debate at the council meeting in March. Please ask all the local people you know!

This is a petition from the Haringey Friends of Parks Forum, the umbrella network for the 45 local Friends of Parks groups championing their local green spaces

Tw: @FoHaringeyParks #saveharingeyparks

Haringey, London

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