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To: Thanet District Council

Save Hartsdown Skatepark in Margate, Kent.

Save Hartsdown Skatepark in Margate, Kent.

Please don't demolish Hartsdown Skatepark, Margate, Kent. Built in 1976, it's one of the first wave of concrete skateparks in the world. It needs repairing and updating due to neglect, but it should not be demolished. Please register the site as a community asset because it has been utilised by generations of people, young and old, for skating, riding and as a community meeting place to enjoy.

Why is this important?

Many skateboarders and BMX riders rely on Hartsdown Skate Park to practice their sport. As well as being one of the first of the 1970's historic skate parks in the country, this is a very important place for many people. Many young local people start skating and riding here, it's a social meeting place as well as a place for sport and artistic talent. World professional riders and skaters have learned their sport at this very spot. Thanet District Council have proposed to move the skate park elsewhere and to demolish and fill in the original site. It's far more sustainable and cheaper to repair and upgrade the existing site than to destroy it and make a new one in another location.

Hartsdown Park, Margate, Kent

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Reasons for signing

  • Go abroad and you'll see loads of skateparks and suchlike for teenagers to play on outside. If the things to do outside are taken away from them, what happens is they get bored\pissed off\angry, and they will potentially (depending on upbringing possibly, granted!) decide that vandalising or stealing or harrassing locals fulfills that gap of fun that has been taken away from them. Additionally, kids already play too much PS\XBOX, don't take away fun stuff they can be doing outside.
  • Its wrong. If children do not have access to places like this what happens to them................
  • I am sick and tired of things that kids and adults can enjoy being shut down, pulled down etc. and not being replaced. They are probably planning houses to help Mr P Carter build his "Garden City" in this area. We want to keep our green areas and also the entertainment areas and improve on them. Stop our Council from taking everything away from us and destroying Thanet.


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