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To: The UK Government

Save Idlib

Save Idlib

We petition the UK government to use their influence to pressure the Russian and Syrian governments to stop the bombardment of hospitals and schools in Idlib, Syria.

Why is this important?

To Her Majesty's Government,

We call on the UK government to practice its influence to bring to a halt the brutal military campaign led by Syrian and Russian forces against Idlib province in northern Syria.
Syrian and Russian forces have violated the September 2018 ceasefire agreement with Turkey.
Internationally forbidden weaponry and indiscriminate bombing tactics are in use against unarmed civilian populations. Hospitals, schools and places of worship are systematically targeted. According to UN estimates, 3 million people reside in Idlib province. 1 million of those are children and 40% are people who fled to Idlib to escape Syrian and Russian atrocities elsewhere in Syria.
An immediate action is imperative. We call on the UK government to take the necessary political actions to save millions of lives.



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