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To: Nottingham City Council

Save John Carroll Leisure Centre - No Cuts!

Save John Carroll Leisure Centre - No Cuts!

Stop the closure of the John Carroll Leisure Centre!

Refuse to carry out any budget cuts that will harm Nottingham citizens!

Provide proper investment into John Carroll centre!

Why is this important?

John Carroll is the last real community facility available in Radford, one of the most deprived areas in Nottingham, which is now at risk of closure due to council budget cuts.

Nottingham City Council has made £272 million worth of funding cuts in the last decade, but rather than standing up to the Government's austerity policies, the Labour-run City Council is forcing the poorest communities in the city to pay the price.

John Carroll could become the latest victim in this attack on community services but you can help by signing this petition.

For decades John Carroll served as place where children could build the confidence they need to succeed and as a sporting facility for under-funded schools. It has been a polling centre, a base for political campaigning and a hub for Notts County to inspire local budding sport prospects. It has even served as an information and confidence building point for victims of Female Genital Mutilation.

Most importantly, John Carroll Leisure Centre has served as a meeting place for a diverse range of groups and plays an enormous role in fostering co-operation and trust between people in the community.

The centre is a vital asset for the residents of Radford who now, more than ever, need support to keep their community centre going. Help us get to 5,000 signatures! Save the John Carroll!

Nottinghamshire, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • This is the only leisure centre close to me that provides women only swimming classes. As someone with struggling with their mental health as a result of sexual abuse having a safe space near to me is essential and these cuts will take that away. In addition to that, many children in the area will be impacted by these cuts in a space that is already severely lacking in safe areas for them.
  • I regularly used the space to play badminton and swim in the 80s and 90s. You could meet people from different backgrounds and it was vital as a community hub!
  • john carroll matters


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