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To: The Mayor of Bristol, Bristol City Council

Save Jubilee Pool

We, the undersigned, call upon the Mayor of Bristol to listen to the demands of local people and keep Jubilee pool open.

Pre-Covid the pool was operating at a profit and without subsidy but more importantly it is vital for local health and wellbeing. The Covid threat to operating is real but can be managed at a modest cost and will last only until a vaccine is found. Best scientific opinion says that is likely to be in the first half of next year. It would be criminal negligence to let a vital community resource slip away because the council has a short-term finance problem.

We note with sadness the failure of the council to maintain and recognise that a small capital investment is needed to protect it for the next 20 years and would support a local not-for-profit trust taking over if the council is unable to.

Why is this important?

Jubilee Swimming Pool is a well-used, much loved and vital community resource for local health and wellbeing. It provides leisure facilities within walking distance for all demographics of citizens in Knowle.

It is a heritage building and a unique survivor of formerly common Bristol swimming pools. It represents the last remaining operational 1930s (Baths Committee approved) swimming pools in Bristol.

It is a place where people meet, share experiences of learning to swim and keep fit and healthy. A variety of classes are held here and there are elderly swimmers at the pool who still use it, decades after learning to swim there as children.

Bristol BS4, UK

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