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To: North east lincolnshire council

Save kent street skatepark

Save kent street skatepark

Reverse their decision to demolish kent street skatepark

Why is this important?

North east lincolnshire council has ignored the action sports community in grimsby for years and their actions speak louder than words.

I’ve grown up skateboarding this area and all i’ve seen is more and more facilities taken away from us. Years ago they already stopped taking responsibility for the skatepark, it hasn’t had lights for over 5 years and I can’t ever remember the bins not being broken yet they claim they spend £3000 a year maintaining the site?

As of this year we are left with three skateparks in all of grimsby and cleethorpes.

The first being trinity road skatepark. The council has long abandoned this site with the lights also not being in working order for 5+ years, it is now privately owned by the boxing centre that took over the old youth club building (which was also abandoned around the same time)

The second being the private owned indoors skatepark ‘ghettopark’ which costs £8 for 2 hours use.

The third and final is kent street, our last remaining free to use skatepark for the whole area of grimsby and cleethorpes and the council want to demolish it.

In a year like 2020 full of so many negatives the one beaming light I’ve witnessed over this year is the amount of youths picking up a skateboard this year and spending more time exercising, it’s so amazing to see. There isn’t a time where these facilities are more desperately needed than now.

Grimsby, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Demolishing this park to build yet another football pitch is not necessary and It shouldn’t be our kids responsibility to try understand how councils work and have to set up committees and sign petitions etc they should be able to just enjoy being kids. This council is literally robbing our young people of their youth I’ve seen 3rd world countries with better facilities. Where is our TAX money being spent ???
  • Because I skate myself and it’s horrible to see that areas for people to skate are being took away from us.
  • Ive grew up going there its the biggest memories of ny life


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