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To: Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames Council

Save Kingston's Rose Theatre

Save Kingston's Rose Theatre

Save Kingston's Rose Theatre

Why is this important?

Due to Council cuts, the beloved Rose Theatre may be forced to close: the Council "will strip the Rose Theatre of its £265,000 annual funding by 2022 and will not replace a £147,000 bursary, which it paid the final instalment of this year".(1)

This is at a time when the Council is ploughing millions into its reserves and raising its Councillors' allowances. We the undersigned know that Kingston Council is not bankrupt; it has the money to save the Rose -- the cultural heart of Kingston -- and must not cut its funding.

I personally visit The Rose a lot with my wife. There have been some fantastic productions and it's a great night out that's affordable! It has strong connections to organisations across Kingston, including with the University.

It really is a centre of culture and would be a tragedy to lose it.


Kingston upon Thames

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Reasons for signing

  • The Rose theatre had put Kingston on the cultural map (as opposed to just being a shopping district) Please do not cut its funding.
  • Cut some fat cats from the council bureaucracy if you need to save money. Hands off the 🌹 Rose
  • It’s a wonderful facility for the town and raises the profile if the town in a way that slots certainly attracts investment. At best the councillors are misguided


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