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To: Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames Council

Save Kingston's Rose Theatre

GOOD NEWS! 09/04/20

As a result of our campaign and petition, which achieved a fantastic 16,000 signatures, the Rose Theatre has been saved from closure.

Kingston Council has announced that, instead of cutting the entirety of the Rose's £265,000 budget allocation, it will simply reduce funding by £20,000 this year, £15,000 next year and a further £30,000 in 2022-2023. After that, it is proposed that the yearly budget allocated for the Rose will remain at £200,000 a year. This is a major victory. The theatre, which was threatened with closure, now has a secure future. Politicians of many colours will undoubtedly try to claim credit for this victory, though no political party officially supported us in our fight; protecting the Rose was simply not on the agenda before our campaign and, without us, it would not have been saved. This is a real victory for community activism and demonstrates just how powerful ordinary people can be when we come together in the service of a common goal. Thank you so much for all of your help and everything you have done.

This is a great outcome but not a perfect one. The Rose is still facing a significant reduction in funds over the next few years and there is still much to do (any thoughts on how to continue the fight are very welcome). Unfortunately, reforms by the current Council administration also make a future petition like this all but impossible. But, right now, we can enjoy this victory and take heart from a bit of good news.

Kind regards,

Phil Bevin

Convener of Coalition Against Demolition (the organisation behind the Save the Rose campaign)

Save Kingston's Rose Theatre

Save Kingston's Rose Theatre

Why is this important?

Due to Council cuts, the beloved Rose Theatre may be forced to close: the Council "will strip the Rose Theatre of its £265,000 annual funding by 2022 and will not replace a £147,000 bursary, which it paid the final instalment of this year".(1)

This is at a time when the Council is ploughing millions into its reserves and raising its Councillors' allowances. We the undersigned know that Kingston Council is not bankrupt; it has the money to save the Rose -- the cultural heart of Kingston -- and must not cut its funding.

I personally visit The Rose a lot with my wife. There have been some fantastic productions and it's a great night out that's affordable! It has strong connections to organisations across Kingston, including with the University.

It really is a centre of culture and would be a tragedy to lose it.


Kingston upon Thames

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