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To: Morley Town Council

Save Lewisham Park Centre

We are demanding that Morley Town Council commit to funding the first three years of a new Community Interest Company to take Lewisham Park Centre into local hands as an asset of community value. We are also demanding that Morley Town Council commit to using the facilities for official events and promoting the facilities as a community asset.

Why is this important?

My name is Bailey Bradley, and I have been campaigning for a long time in the Morley area, where I live, on issues that matter to local people.

Lewisham Park Centre is a wonderful community space, but it has been underutilised for years. with changing attitudes and a complete lack on investment or interest by the local Town Council it has seen a slow and steady decline.

Leeds City Council have had their budgets decimated. Billions taken away by Government cuts to local authority funding leave them making difficult choices. One of these choices is to cut under used facilities that don't offer value for money to the public.

Morley Town Council does almost nothing for the protection of parks and services with its vast Council Tax hoard.

Lewisham park centre is the place where we memorialise Sarah Harper who was abducted and killed.

Lewisham Park Centre is a place of fond childhood memories for many Morley residents past and present.

There are no other assets like the centre in Morley and continuing to close youth and community services is a poor investment in the local area and will see declining community relations

Please Sign this position so that we can:

Show Morley Town Council the strength of feeling there is to satisfy our demand that they fund our plans in the short term, until it is self sustaining, and

Demonstrate to Leeds City Council that the people of Morley deserve to have this asset transferred to us.

Leeds LS27, UK

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