To: Rt Hon Rushi Sunak

Save lives with more fixed traffic speed cameras

Save lives with more fixed traffic speed cameras

Help save lives and keep are local roads and communities safer! Reverse the decision for central government to keep all the revenue from speed cameras. Let Councils across the country once again collect and ring fence revenue from their local speeds cameras, to help fund badly needed new traffic cameras and traffic calming measures, within our local communities.

Why is this important?

Especially after Covid 19 more cyclists and walkers are wanting to continue to use their local roads safely. Sadly on the national news recently yet another cyclist was killed by two hit and run drivers who were speeding. The number of deaths from speeding and reckless driving seems to be ever on the increase in our cities and countryside, along with the amount of traffic on our roads. Unfortunately all the revenue that used to go to Councils from their local speed cameras is now collected by central government and there is no ring fenced funding for new fixed speed cameras. For example in South Yorkshire, local councils and the Police have to share funding and make impossible decisions about whether to use funding for more police officers\other essential services, or fund a new speed camera somewhere. Years ago Councils used to be able to keep the revenue raised by from their fixed speed cameras, to help cover the costs of installing new local speed cameras (as well as helping to fund other traffic calming measures). By allowing local councils to once again keep the revenue from their local cameras, , it means funding can be ring fenced and spent locally. This means that our local communities might once again get the chance to save lives from speeding and reckless driving, through having new speed cameras put in place, where they are sorely needed.