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To: Lloyds Bank

Save Lloyds Bank Heathfield Branch

Save Lloyds Bank Heathfield Branch

Please stop the closing down of our bank branch in Heathfield, East Sussex

Why is this important?

It is needed by the community and is a key part of our local infrastructure - lots of people use it and it has easy access for the disabled and elderly. A lot of businesses in the town rely on the branch to do their banking and have business accounts there.

Heathfield, East Sussex

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Reasons for signing

  • we bank there and we will be forced to go to another branch where i will not be able toaccess it witjhout help,as i am dissabled


2019-08-24 07:46:24 +0100

we have driven to one of the proposed branches that will replace the heathfield one it takes 20 mins along windy roads and is about 15 miles from heathfield we have not as yet driven the other one but it is certainly not easy to get to