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To: Thanet District Council

Save Margate's historic Fort Road Hotel

Please don't demolish the historic seafront Fort Road Hotel in Margate and replace with social housing flats. Please continue to pursue your previous stated aim of seeking to restore the building as a hotel.

Why is this important?

It's important because according to your own report in 2011:
'The Fort Road Hotel (previously the Fort Castle Public House) is one of the last surviving buildings in the area today that the artist JMW Turner would recognise. Turner spent fifteen years ‘weekending’ in Margate with Sophia Booth (whose house was opposite) and, as a noted drinker, it seems inconceivable that he did not visit the establishment.
The hotel also benefits from a fantastic position, facing the sea, overlooking (and overlooked by) the gallery. The two buildings share the same privileged view of Margate’s sunsets, that Turner declared “the loveliest in Europe”. These associations with Turner (historically with the artist and now with the gallery) give the Fort Road Hotel potentially iconic status.
Furthermore, the building is well situated on the main coastal route in and out of Margate, within close proximity of the harbour area; the Old Town; and Margate High Street.'
The hotel is in a prime seafront location. It's one of Margate's oldest historic hotel buildings. This building restored as a hotel will create badly needed jobs in a deprived area and be a place to be proud of with a great history for visitors to enjoy.

How it will be delivered

In person.

Fort Road Hotel, Margate

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Please work to preserve this historic building as planned and not destroy it. It's a valuable part of Margate's history and will create valuable jobs in the area.

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