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Save Maryport Pool Project

Why is this important?

Maryport in Cumbria has no public or private swimming pool in the town or immediate area.

UK Government Funds have been specifically allocated under the levelling up criteria/ regeneration for the development of a swimming pool in the town.

The Local Council have decided not to go ahead with the pool project development due to concerns around the financial running costs and have not released the running cost report for public scrutiny!

The Community deserves the right to be enabled to gain the opportunity to have a swimming pool developed in the town.

The swimming pool based at Netherhall School in Maryport foreclosed to make way for the new swimming pool project within the town.

The Green policy, Sustainable Development strategies can be used to reduced running costs, revise the current business plan that has not been opened up for public debate. In order to revisit all options.
Maryport CA15, UK

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