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To: Midlothian Council

Save Midlothian Music Tuition

Save Midlothian Music Tuition

This petition calls on Midlothian Council to abandon their current budget proposal to axe school music tuition

Why is this important?

Music bring so many benefits to so many people and the ability to learn an instument at school is critical in protecting our cultural heritage

Reasons for signing

  • Outrageous! Learning a musical instrument makes a profound impact on children. It has many of the benefits of learning a new language, only this one is universal. It stimulates creativity, teaches them how to apply practise and promotes teamwork. It's mathematical and abstract, visual and aural. It opens doors to physics (how sound is created) and biology (the body's mechanisms in processing sound and mental capacity to process this). It's psychologically healing, it aids fine motor control...
  • Not all children are academic. Many are sports orientated and many are passionate about music/drama. These children should be encouraged to follow their passions. Cutting access to music tuition will mean a lot of these kids will never be able to fully enjoy the positive mental health benefits that comes with music. These cuts can only be negative. A very sad state of affairs.
  • If not for music lessons at school I would not be studying it at university. It has allowed me to follow a path I am passionate about providing me with joy and purpose every day. This would never have happened had I not had the opportunity to undertake lesson.


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In only 2 hours almost 500 people have signed this petition showing the strength of feeling. Please keep sharing and send the strongest possible message to the Council

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