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To: Midlothian Council

Save Midlothian Music Tuition... Again

Save Midlothian Music Tuition... Again

Abandon your new budget proposal which will see Music and Dance tuition cut from local schools.

Why is this important?

If this proposal is approved, primary and secondary school children in Midlothian will lose access to tuition on a musical instrument unless they’re studying at an SQA exam level.

By making this proposal, the government are saying that the only children who deserve the chance to fall in love with the music are those with wealthy enough families to pay for it.

We’ve already petitioned and protested against this once - and in February, the council dropped their proposal. Now, they’re trying to push it through a second time, and we need to come together to stop them.

As someone who didn't discover their love of music until secondary school, this is deeply upsetting and frustrating. For me, and countless other young people, music has had a phenomenally positive impact. It helps young people build confidence, instil passion, form friendships, and - for some - their whole life will revolve around it.


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Reasons for signing

  • I am a musician and believe it gives kids a better education
  • We need pre SQA Music tuition so our youngsters are best prepared to succeed and excel In their SQAs for music. Not only that there are so many proven benefits to playing an instrument- education enhancement and mental wellbeing
  • We need music tuition in our schools


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