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To: NHS England

Save NHS dentistry in England

NHS England please provide more funding for dentistry to encourage more dental practices to offer NHS dental treatment.

Why is this important?

I am based in London and I have noticed a steady decline of dental practices offering NHS dental treatment. Most dental practices have reduced their services to private treatments only and the very few that do offer NHS treatment limit this to often only 10% of their capacity. This makes it virtually impossible to find an NHS dentist or if your are lucky to have one, you will have noticed that waiting times have increased dramatically, simply because the very few NHS dental practices left are horrendously oversubscribed. This was the case even long before Covid-19.
Good dental care is vitally important to general health and also mental well-being and should therefore not be neglected. Most people with ordinary professions cannot afford private dental care, which is why it is so important that NHS funding for dentistry needs to be increased now before it is too late and we lose our last remaining NHS dental practices.
England, UK

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