To: Carl Les - Leader of North Yorkshire County Council and David Bowe - Corporate Director of Business and Environmental Services

Save Nidd Gorge and The Nidderdale Greenway

Save Nidd Gorge and The Nidderdale Greenway

Listen to the Harrogate Area County Councillors and remove the inner relief road package (E) from the public consultation process.

Why is this important?

On December 7th the Harrogate Area County Councillors decided - by 14 votes to 2 - to remove the inner relief road option (package E) from the forthcoming public consultation into traffic congestion in Harrogate.

The Harrogate Area Committee took this informed decision following widespread concerns about:
1) The environmental harm a relief road would do to Nidd Gorge and The Nidderdale Greenway.
2) The unacceptable increase in traffic through the community of Bilton.
3) The ineffectiveness of relief roads as a solution for congestion relief.

The councillors are our democratically elected representatives. Their overwhelming opposition to the inner relief road must be respected by the Business and Environmental Services Executive and the North Yorkshire County Council Executive.

The democratic will of the committee must be upheld by North Yorkshire County Council.

(On December 15th 2017, NYCC did not uphold the democratic will of the Harrogate Area Committee. They still intend to bring the inner relief road package (E) forward for public consultation in 2018. The road continues to threaten Nidd Gorge, the Greenway and the communities along its route. This petition will continue until the road threat is lifted - as a register of opposition to the road - please continue to sign and share.)

Harrogate and Knaresborough

Reasons for signing

  • I believe that this new road would have a negative environmental impact on the area without solving the long term traffic congestion issues.
  • Because I believe in saving the Nidd Gorge
  • I worked in highway construction many years ago including feeder routes to the M25 and other major by-passes. They all clogged up years ago, and now they even built by-passes around my by-passes. Guess what, they are now full to capacity as well! Most forward thinking authorities have stopped this nonsense and are now developing sustainable transport measures to build a real healthy transport system for future generations so should NYCC.


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