To: Northampton County council

Save Northamptonshire's Public Libraries

Save Northamptonshire's Public Libraries

Please don't close any of the public libraries in Northamptonshire.

Why is this important?

Up to 28 of the County's 36 libraries will be closed if the council's plans go ahead. Libraries are vital to information, reading and research, children's learning, ideas and educational facilities for everyone. They are centres of communities. The public library is the place where children love to choose their own book. They learn to enjoy reading which is one of life's most rewarding pleasures.



Reasons for signing

  • Because our smaller towns need these resources as much and probably more than the larger ones. They are an important community resource. To close them is short sighted. There would be no going back.
  • Long Buckby library is in my childhood memory. As my child grows and uses resources at the library it can't shut.
  • Apart from all the services available through the library, local libraries are valued community spaces and must be protected!


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