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To: Wigan Council

Save Oaklands Home - Lowton

Save Oaklands Home - Lowton

Re-consider the plans to build 28 new homes on the current site of this incredible building.

Why is this important?

Lowton is a village full of history, caring people and a strong sense of local community. Part of our heritage is in our historic buildings, yet once again we're in danger of losing another incredible building. The Oaklands Home (Heskesth Medow/Newton Road) is in the verge of falling into the hands of the money minded and greedy. Recently it came to light that Wigan Council plan to obliterate the home in way for 28 new houses, adding to the already troublsome conditions of traffic in the area. The house is believed to be from around c1880's, serving as a residence, a Childerns home and most recently, Wigan & Leigh young cares centre. The building was also left to the people of Lowton, as well as the trees being protected under a conservation act. If the council accept the planning permsion, they're being ignorant to the will and right of the people. I hope you can all join me in the disparity of the situation and in oppositing this decision. For the past, present and future of Lowton. Thank you.

Reasons for signing

  • The council are building new houses all across the borough but more heavily in this area. There is no consideration given to the local conditions such as traffic, school and preschool places, other local ameneties, parks and play areas. Also this is an historic building and should be protected. The Council don’t care about our heritage or environmentand will allocate land to any one who asks so that they can collect the government subsidies. Its all about the money!!!
  • Too many historic buildings in the area have been lost over the years. This should stop now. There are enough private houses in the Lowton area, surely there must be a use for this building which would benefit the community.
  • Once it's gone, it's gone. They're destroying our heritage.


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