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To: NHS Kernow Clinical Commissioning Group.

Save Oakleigh House

Save Oakleigh House

Save Oakleigh House and reinstate funding .

Why is this important?

Oakleigh House is a small 5 bedroom Mental health respite center. It's the only place like it in Cornwall. It provides a safe haven for those in crisis and recovery. Up to 5 people can stay for one week at a time for 4 times per year. Oakleigh has saved thousands of hours of hospital time and hundreds of lives. All of this for £140,000 per year. Yet no replacement is offered or consultation with the service users has happened. Please save Oakleigh and Save a life.

Menheniot Liskeard Cornwall England

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Reasons for signing

  • The place is a l ife saver.... you know when your booked in and you know it will be safe to let out all your holding on to. You are among staff and other service user who will not judge you or lock you up when you let out those pent up emotions.... There is no other place like it.... I do not want to spend my life on a hospital ward drugged up or end up dead.... We need Oakleigh House and a number of other such places in Cornwall.... It is far cheaper to run than hospitals.
  • I went there for the day was ment to stay longer but my anxiety got the better of me. But from the moment I stepped in the door, I knew it was filled with warm, caring people who genuinely wanted to help. The place itself is beautiful and cosy. It would be such a shame to take this place and the caring people away from those that are in need!
  • Save this important facility! Kayleigh House is a fantastic, lifesaving place of respite for those seeking support with their mental health. Our MHS in Cornwall is already struggling, removing this option for those lucky enough to spend time there, may have catastrophic consequences. We need more, not less, of these facilities.


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