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To: Ockbrook school Trustees

Save Ockbrook School

Save Ockbrook School

Please reconsider your decision to close Ockbrook school.
To look at other options to bring new investment into the school and ways to increase revenue.
Please engage with the staff and parents who can help you with this

Why is this important?

Ockbrook school is a special place and community for all those involved. students, parents and Staff.
Ockbrook school has hundreds of years of history educating children and turning them into wonderful young adults and we want this to continue to hundreds of years more.
the school remaining open will also avoid major disruptions to our children's education and avoid almost 100 people losing their jobs and livelihoods.

Ockbrook, Derby DE72, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • I find it hard to understand how a school charging fees on the scale that Ockbrook does can’t find a way to be viable. There’s something strange going on beneath the surface here. If the school must close, it should be done in a more controlled way, perhaps staying open for those part way through exam courses, with a skeleton staff.
  • I have signed because Ockbrook is a special place full of love, history and creativity. It is not just a place of education, but a place of memories and has provided a safe space for children to grow into young adults - especially when things might not have been great at home. 💔😢
  • Having studied at Ockbrook, the quality of the fundraising for charity and other social issues was very high and a regular occurrence over my time there. Saving our school is as valiant a cause as any other, if not, more. Give your students, parents, staff and members of the public a chance to utilise there experiences with this and to save their school because it’s not too late. We still have the capabilities and dedication to keep Ockbrook School going!


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