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To: Birmingham City Council

Save Osler Street Park from being built on.

Save Osler Street Park from being built on.

We call on Birmingham City Council to reject the proposal for Osler Street park, B169EU to be developed and used for housing and residential buildings as part of the Edgbaston Reservoir Masterplan.

Why is this important?

Osler Street Park is an extremely important and well used green space and play area provision for our local community. It is well used by all local residents including students, families, teenagers and young children. It is a well designed, safe space with easy access and will not be able to just be replaced.
The play park and Multi Use Games Area provide an important leisure and recreation site which children and adults alike can use to exercise and socialise for free, thereby promoting a healthy lifestyle.
The surrounding green space (including trees) is an extremely valuable green site and open space which should be protected. It also provides recreational and exercise opportunities and helps to contribute towards cleaner air for our community.
The local community do not want this precious space taken away from us. We believe that any development or building on this site goes directly against the policy for promoting and enhancing a green infrastructure network in the City (TP7) which is detailed in the Birmingham Development plan.

Osler Street Park Birmingham, B169EU

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Reasons for signing

  • We need to keep this play area. There aren't enough safe parks for our children to play in, so why rob us of this one?
  • I grew up playing on this park, my son and nephew and nieces play on this park, it is a lovely green space in the midst of a concrete sprawl of a city. Do not develop on a much needed, well used and well loved green space.
  • This park is a well used. It is a safe green space for all of our Oratory children and families. It is part of the life blood of our local community . What is more important - profit or the well being of our children? It is our children!


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