To: Cornwall Council

Save our Barry

Grant Barry a license to sell ice cream from his beautiful 5*hygiene rated ice cream cart in Lelant.

Why is this important?

It is important because it has become apparent that a small minority want to spoil things for the vast majority by objecting to Barry selling ice-cream from his beautiful cart in Lelant. It is vital these people who objected see that Barry has the support of people whose common sense and community hasn't been lost and who support him in all the advantages he brings to the village. Let's not let small minded bigots spoil our community, let's join together and sign up here to support Barrys application.

Lelant cornwall

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Reasons for signing

  • I admire people are willing to get out there and have a go - good luck Barry - are the objectors afraid it might bring a smile to their face?
  • A lovely Gentleman just trying to make an honest living in a traditional way. Save small traders!
  • Remember it well from regular holiday trips


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