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To: Braintree District Council

Save our beautiful 5 star rated barn business - Approve D2 use now!

Save our beautiful 5 star rated barn business - Approve D2 use now!

Please quickly approve D2 use for Stock Street Farm Barn so we can continue providing popular and locally distinctive private and public events for future generations and boosting the local rural economy!

Why is this important?

Braintree District Council does not value Stock Street Farm Barn or the difference it makes to the local social life or economy.

If Braintree District Council can approve 000's of unpopular houses WHY can't they JUST APPROVE our wonderful unique and fun family business loved by 000's - its just a paper change of use - nothing physically changes!

We now attract 4500 folks a year to Coggeshall. They see inside the 350 old Essex barn and gaze over the unspoilt Blackwater Valley while enjoying 5 star events.

Economically - many of our guests stay at local Hotels, B&B's Air B&B and with family and friends - and they spend money there too on hairdo's, flowers, frocks, cakes, pre-party drinks - post party breakfasts etc. Local taxi / coach firms love us! Our guests buy local food, local beer, hire local bands and niche catering firms - they come and they love Coggeshall. We also extend folks choice within the local area for venues for their milestone, corporate or charity events or just to socialise generally - adding local diversity and fun!

Socially - we host private and varied public events including brilliant LIVE music so folks can get out locally or better still invite friends and family here to party! We are step free throughout so everyone can come and have safe fun whether they are young, old, mobile or those that need some help getting about.

Environmentally - Partying for about 3% of the year is enough to protect and maintain our two lovely listed buildings and the setting of an old Essex farm for future generations to see at first hand and enjoy (as much as we do!).
D2 is the Optimal use for the old barn and since Jul 2016 over 12,000 guests have seen inside the barn with many sharing their pictures on social media to friends all over the world. We are proud to say we have had no complaints or any incidents.

We even have a charging station now - so you can plug your car into charge while you party! Only reusable or recyclable plates, cutlery, straws, confetti etc are used here - we even recycle our guests as they come back time after time!

How it will be delivered

This petition will be shared with our Ward District Councillors and local Parish Councils.
It will also be included within our new D2 planning application, highlighted in any Planning Committee Meeting to discuss our applications and with any Planning Inspector appointed to review an appeal.


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Reasons for signing

  • A growing business that helps the community
  • This family business only has a positive impact on the local area by bringing in people who are willing to spend money whilst visiting the barn
  • It's a wonderful venue and many of the people who visit it help the local economy in many way, and with all the delays over Brexit and what it could mean for this area in the future isn't that not a good thing.


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