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Save our choice 4u club

Regrettably in the last 24 hours ,we have been asked to close our choice 4u club.....we set up this club in order to provide a social environment for our club members to attend and get involved in various activities and provide a safe place..a group of people ranging from 40 to 80 some weeks attend this club to socialise and continue the natural friendships they have formed within our wee club...this however has now been terminated on the conditions that claim this is a daycare centre. We cant rest assure we resemble nothing like a day care centre. We solely provide a natural environment for socialisation for all.
We are now in a position due to the demand of closure , where 80 people plus will no longer have the environment we have created for the care community.
help save our club .....

Why is this important?

We now have in excess of 80 club members with nowhere to socialise on our prior club days. Breaking friendships and social skills...please sign our petition and help keep us open



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