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To: Bristol and South Gloucestershire Methodist Circuit

Save our Community Centre!

Save our Community Centre!

In July, Eden Grove Methodist Church will close and the lease for Upper Horfield Community Trust will end.

We understand the circuit plans to close the buildings on the site and potentially sell it off.

We want to stop this from happening so we can rebuild a thriving community using the site in Upper Horfield with new energy and people.

Why is this important?

To date, we haven't been given sufficient opportunity to put forward an alternative vision and we need your support to show the strength of feeling there is to keep this vital community asset rather than it being sold off. This will see another community space lost, like many others in recent years.

We are working together to campaign to keep the site open and develop new facilities, including ones which will support people on low incomes, maintain low cost community space and address the climate crisis.

Join us in supporting our campaign to keep this space in the hands of the community.

Eden Grove, Horfield, Bristol BS7 0PQ, UK

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