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To: Mayor of Towerhamlets, cabinet members, lead members and councillors

Save Our Community Language Service

Save Our Community Language Service

To continue the provision of Community Languages within the Community Languages Service (LBTH)

Why is this important?

-It will help our children in the acquisition of the English language.

-It will develop their confidence and self-esteem by improving their knowledge, culture and roots.

-It will promote their educational achievements by improving motivation and enhancing cognitive
development as well as reducing truancy and exclusions.

-It will help our children to improve their skills and community cohesion.

-It will help children to engage in creative works, keep children off the street and prevent them from being involved in anti-social activities, drugs, gang fighting and knife crime, etc.

-It will help our children to take part in a Modern Foreign Languages GCSE/A- Level.

London Borough of Tower Hamlets

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Reasons for signing

  • This is a great cause
  • Would like young children to be familiar with the mother tounge language.


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