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To: Sevenoaks Council Planning Department

Save our Doggy Day Care

Crufty Pups Creche have been providing daycare for dogs for over 4 years.

Sevenoaks Council have now given notice that we must remove our daycare and un-occupy the land.

This is devastating news for us since we offer so much more than just Day Care for dogs. We have created a friendly and caring community which includes offering help and advice on dog behaviour and interactions, supporting students work experience, and providing jobs that dog lovers dream of doing.

Why is this important?

Dog Day Care has become a popular and valuable service which provides important needs for dogs such as exercise, socialisation and all day care enabling owners to go to work. There are so many benefits for dogs who attend daycare: they are more content, better behaved, well socialised around other dogs, less anxious and easier to train.

Day care also creates a safe place for dogs to run around freely without disturbing members of the public. It's also secure so that dogs who have a high prey drive or cannot be trusted off lead can play and interact safely.

Crufty Pups Creche played an important part and worked safely throughout Covid, meaning that key workers could still go to work and vunerable owners could isolate whilst still meeting the needs of their pets. We feel that this also prevented some dogs from having to be re homed or developing behaviours such as anxiety or losing confidence with social skills.

If Crufty Pups Creche were removed from the land, we would be faced with little option but to close altogether since the set up costs to relocate would not be affordable. Not only is this place valuable to dog owners, but also the staff, volunteers, students who complete work experience with us and all of the dogs who spend their days with us.

Please help us by signing this petition which I will be presenting to the council along with my special circumstances planning application.
Crockenhill, UK

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