To: Cardinal wiseman school board and Kevin Maton

Save our farm @ Cardinal Wiseman School

Save our farm @ Cardinal Wiseman School

Some kids never see farm animals.its good educationally and gives them life skills too.Animals are therapeutic and teach kids how to care and nurture a dependant creature.Why would anyone think it needs to go?
Prince Charles him self gave very good reviews of this farm

Stand together and fight.

Save the Farm.

Why is this important?

Education is the key to animal care and a lot of kids enjoy it, to then just take it away with no reason is very cruel. The staff and the children work very hard to keep the farm running. If it's about money why cant the students do more days to earn the money for the farm.

History of the farm and how if started:

A TEACHER who set up a farm in the grounds of a Coventry school has retired after 37 years.
Sean O’Donovan, 60, who was assistant head of Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School, had spent his entire 37 year teaching career at the secondary school in Potters Green.

During his time at the school in Potters Green Road, he created a school farm and gardens.

When he arrived fresh from an education degree at Bath University the grounds looked very similar to other secondary schools in the city.

Now, between playgrounds and classroom blocks, are paddocks for ponies and alpacas, enclosures for chickens and vegetable gardens. There is also a walled fruit garden, a duck pond and a building housing rabbits and guinea pigs.

Scores of city children have been inspired to do work experience on farms and do college and university courses in animal care and agriculture.

He also forged a link between Cardinal Wiseman and the East African state of Malawi. The school fundraisers for a health clinic and two primary schools. Each year a party of older pupils and staff visit.

They deliver medical supplies to the clinic and oversee a health and nutrition programme they have set up at the two schools. They also advise on setting up a school farm similar to the Cardinal Wiseman farm.

Among the highlights of Mr O’Donovan’s time at the school are the day Prince Charles visited the school farm. Another highlight was a sustainable schools award in the annual Teaching Awards.

Another event that stands out was an invitation to visit Prince Charles’ residence Clarence House with some of the farm animals.

Mr O’Donovan found he had to apply for a performing animal licence to take two of the farm’s piglets on the visit.

He said: “I will miss the relationships with staff and pupils I have built up over all the years at the school.”

Head Helen Knight said: “When I visit primary schools many parents tell me that they were taught by Mr O’Donovan. He is known and loved by all pupils at school and he has made a huge difference to the life of the school through the farm and many other things

“I am delighted to say that he will keep up contact with the school as a consultant on rural dimension so that the farm and gardens continue to develop”

In his retirement he will also do volunteer fundraising events for Malawi schools and health clinics, see more of his nieces, nephews and godchildren, travel and move to a house with a bigger garden.

The school board have now decided they want it closed without any thoughts to the children and the staff who run it instead of working with them and the parents, they are working against them. Give us a year with another option.

How it will be delivered

Hand deliver to Cardinal Wiseman school Mrs Morris.


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Reasons for signing

  • the reason why i have signed up because this is the school that i go to. no one is cared about the animals. so please sign up to make our new head teacher not to close the farm down.
  • To save the amazing school farm
  • Because animal care is a good career to have and it's a advantage for the children


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