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To: Powys county council

Save our field on Heol Ashley mochdre industrial estate

To save the last remaining green field in the local area

Why is this important?

This is the last remaining walking field in Newtown, it is home to lots of beautiful wildlife and is visited by lots of locals everyday.

This field houses hedgehogs, lots of species of birds and mice, owls, and a heron, in summer it also attracts many bees and butterflies.

Already by closing other popular walking feilds due to the Bypass and other constructions, wildlife has been killed and lots of people who enjoy fields have been left with only this field to enjoy. Everyone has a right to a green space - everyone should be able to see many birds and other animals and walk through the forest with their families.

Please sign this petition and save the only remaining walking field in this area of the town where we can walk the dogs enjoy the wildlife and country feel.

Newtown SY16

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