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To: Leader of Havering Council, Cllr Damian White

Save our free 30-minutes parking

Save our free 30-minutes parking
The conservative members of Havering Council want to remove the free 30-minute parking from Upminster & Hornchurch (but keep it elsewhere) as well as setting hugely increased parking charges across the borough, including £1.50 to park on a Sunday (was free) as well as charging £1.50 to park in Upminster Park for 1 hour. We oppose these draconian increases and call upon the conservative led council to withdraw these detrimental proposals.

Why is this important?

Our High Streets and town centres already face enormous challenges with business rates, rents and on-line competition. These incredibly damaging car parking charges proposals will be enough to deter any would be shopper and demonstrates an astonishing lack of understanding or empathy in local economies. The Council should be working with the business community and residents to keep our High Streets alive and sustainable, instead these highly damaging proposals will simply see the demise of our High Streets and Town Centres. See our website for updates on an alternative budget that saves our 30-minutes at


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Reasons for signing

  • To try and support local business.
  • To help local people and local businesses
  • To encourage customers to keep using local businesses


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