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To: Spelthorne Borough Council

Save our Green Belt in Spelthorne

Save our Green Belt in Spelthorne

We are asking Spelthorne Borough Council not to release 19 Green Belt areas currently identified in the Local Plan for building or other commercial purposes and to protect the entire existing Green Belt in Spelthorne for generations to come.

Why is this important?

Green Belt land fulfils important functions. Its fundamental aim is to prevent urban sprawl by
keeping land permanently open - and Spelthorne’s Green Belt boundaries have remained
largely unchanged since WW2.

Nonetheless, as part of its New Local Plan consultation, Spelthorne Borough Council is
putting forward 19 Green Belt sites across the whole of Spelthorne for building/housing and
commercial purposes. [1] This would mean a loss of 53ha of Green Belt with a risk of further
erosion of our Green Belt in the future. It will result in smaller remaining Green Belt sites
which will be weakened as a result and – in turn – become vulnerable to development.

Even though Green Belt boundaries should only be altered where “exceptional
circumstances” are fully evidenced and justified and where strictly necessary, the Council still decided to release Green Belt sites which are strongly preferred by developers and Green Belt owners as these greatly maximise profit margins. Once stripped off Green Belt status, the value of land can raise 2500 fold (250,000%) and more.

The release of the Green Belt will lead to significant changes to the character of the areas
where they are located and will have a significant impact on local residents as these plots of
land have an amenity, biodiversity value, a visual benefit and/or carbon capture value –
which is now more important than ever during a time of Climate Emergency when more (not
fewer) green spaces and rewooded areas are required to counteract carbon emissions.

[1] You can view the consultation online here:

You can view a list of the Green Belt sites identified for potential development here:


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