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To: Marks and Spencer and The Mercers' Company

Save our local supermarket in Covent Garden

Save our local supermarket in Covent Garden

Please save Marks and Spencer on Long Acre from closure or if the present store on two floors is not sustainable please find an alternative nearby site for a large food department.

Why is this important?

There are 7,000 people living in Covent Garden, many in social housing who are elderly or disabled who depend on their local supermarket for food. There are many more who work or study in the area and shop at Marks and Spencer regularly. This is a very busy food department. The nearby Tesco is also under threat. It is reported that the reason for closure is that the rent for the premises is too high to make a profit. Someone has got to compromise. We do not need yet another designer store. The community is being destroyed and Covent Garden is being turned into a playground for wealthy tourists. This petition is backed by the Covent Garden Community Association.

Covent Garden, London

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Reasons for signing

  • The closure date is confirmed as 7th April with no sign of another M&S opening in the area anytime soon.
  • Have lived in WC2B for nearly 20 years and the M&S has increasingly become an important grocery store for me and not only that, it is the only store on that site as far as I can recall that serves the local community and visitors alike. A previous incarnation I can just about remember was the Covent Garden General Store full of tourist tat that even tourists turned their noses at so I hope there's no Back To The (Touristy) Future, please!
  • I use them all the time -- it would be a pity and an inconvenience if they left. The other market on New Oxford and Dyott closed recently as well.


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