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To: Councillor Ric Metcalfe - Leader of the City of Lincoln council

Save Our Loos - We demand the reopening of Westgate Loos in Lincoln

Save Our Loos - We demand the reopening of Westgate Loos in Lincoln

We demand that the Public Toilets on Westgate are reopened with immediate effect, local residents and visitors to the City of Lincoln need them back and their extended closure is unacceptable. Using covid to close them temporarily and now making that closure permanent is unacceptable.

Why is this important?

Please support our campaign to save our Westgate public loos, the city council shut them during the first covid lockdown for our safety? But they have now decided to permanently close them to save money. Claiming that there are plenty of pubs, cafes, restaurants and shops that have loos and they will let people use them. We have had the Westgate loos for decades and they have always been much used by residents and visitors to the city. They are award winning loos, conveniently located by the main car parks uphill. The assumption that we can all walk far enough and fast enough to go from cafe to cafe and beg to use the loos is unacceptable and would be a humiliating experience. I was astonished to hear the councillor suggest that, rather than continuing to do their job and provide public facilities for all. I feel we all need to stand up to each and every council who tries to use covid to close our public loos, please help us save our loos.

Lincoln, UK

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