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To: Wirral Borough Council

Save our mature trees and wildlife

Save our mature trees and wildlife

Our local community, Rock Ferry, is a high density area. It has a small patch of land with a small woodland. On a patch of ‘brownfield’ land there is a large band of mature trees with undergrowth that serves to make our community wildlife friendly and acts as a buffer to check the unrestricted sprawl of a large built-up area. If this tract of land is sold it will mean a good number of mature trees will require felling to develop the site for a bulk mass development of 102 flats and 78 houses.

If we are to save the trees, vegetation and assist the wildlife that use this band of woods, we need Wirral Borough Council to reconsider the proposed Torus development.

Why is this important?

If we lose the trees on this land we lose the living entities that filter pollutants keeping our air cleaner and soak up the tons of CO2 that contributes to Climate Change. WBC has agreed there is a Climate Change emergency and this must be taken into consideration.

Animals like foxes, bats and owls will be disturbed and made homeless as a result. If we win, the trees carry on filtering our air, the community keeps the value of its majestic tree stock and its green buffer zone and the animals have shelter and food.

There is only a short window to get signatures, but every little helps. We care about our mature trees. It is the last real tract of green belt in the area for our health and well-being and for wildlife to exist.

Please help us save our trees by signing our petition.
Thank you.


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Reasons for signing

  • despite the call to protect green spaces ,woodlands for the climate & increas our depleted Biodiversity in uk ,it is being completely ignored all across the country as there are many petitions like this one from the ordinary public .Its become a developers dream & it has to STOP!
  • The development is unsightly. There is already high density housing in this area. Removing natural green space and replacing it with even more low quality housing is not beneficial to the wildlife, the community or a sustainable future. There are plenty of areas on Wirral with lower population density - why not build there and leave rockferry - an area considered financially poorer - with a little bit a richness of nature.
  • the loss of this beautiful and invaluable greenspace and woodland would be a tragedy for the Rock Ferry community. This is a climate emergency...we have to save our mature trees in order to save ourselves!


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