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To: Cheshire West and Chester Council

Save our motorcycle/Scooter parking at The Groves.

Save our motorcycle/Scooter parking at The Groves.

Stop the proposed double yellow lines between the cafe and suspension bridge at the Groves which will prevent the tradition of scooters and motorcycles meeting there.

Why is this important?

Motorcycles and scooters have parked at the Groves since the 1950’s. It has become a tradition enjoyed by Cestrians and tourists alike. Many of these riders are involved in local charities including the North West Air Ambulance, Easter egg runs to the Countess hospital and Teenage Cancer trust and use the river site to meet, network and organise events. Over the years they have raised thousands of pounds and delivered vast amounts of Easter eggs and toys to sick children locally. Without this meeting place not only will the Groves lose a part of its heritage but there will be nowhere in the immediate area for bikes to park in any numbers making it very difficult to plan future events. These riders have supported local charities for years and now ask for your support to continue.

Chester, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • The provision of a TRO requires significant consultation with all interested stakeholders such as the Police, Public Transport, Emergency Services, Users Groups and elected officials prior to the formal second stage advertisement of the Order to the public. Can the council show how it consulted with the bikers or the community ?
  • It’s a great tradition and always good to see the bikes and scooters. We need more people coming to Chester, not less!!!
  • Biker's have never been a problem to people in fact people always take pictures of the bikes when parked here and we always bring business to the cafes aswell


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