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To: Surrey Heath Borough Council

Save Our Park...Save the Planet

Save Our Park...Save the Planet

We, the undersigned, strongly oppose any reduction of public recreation space enjoyed by the whole community and OBJECT to land being taken from London Road Recreation Ground to create car parking for a commercial leisure facility.

Why is this important?

Surrey Health Borough Council is planning to dispose of more than 20% of the land at the London Road Recreation Ground, Grand Avenue, Camberley to use as a car park for the redevelopment of the Arena Leisure Centre. This is a significant reduction in open, green recreation space available to the local residents in an area that already has a minimum of such areas. This disposal of land will greatly affect the functionality of the recreation ground, the available space for residents to enjoy green open spaces and cause the loss of a significant environmental habitat for plants and animals.

London Road Recreation Ground, Grand Avenue, Camberley, Surrey

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Reasons for signing

  • We are running out of green spaces especially in Gloucester as more and more houses are being accepted to be built on nice greeny we all like to enjoy. So I have signed it for this reason.
  • It's e green space in a city/town. All green spaces should be kept and mainteined.
  • I grew up on The Avenue in a house that backs onto this park. I woke up in '87 to see many of the big trees blown down by the storm, learned to ride a bike there, played in the play area, played football with friends every weekend for years, rain or shine, and I would like to preserve it as it is for everyone to enjoy as I did. Cars are not the future, if there isn't sufficient parking for the redevelopment then perhaps they shouldn't redevelop in the first place.


2019-06-20 22:56:29 +0100

Thanks to your marvellous support Surrey Heath Borough Council has withdrawn their plans to dispose of the land from London Road Recreation Ground and will be putting forward an alternative solution using the existing footprint of the Arena Leisure Centre.

As such, we will be closing this petition forthwith. Thanks again for all your wonderful support.

Southwell Park Residents' Association

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