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To: The Health Secretary and NHS England

Save our pharmacies - protect vital NHS services

Please provide immediate, fair and sustained funding, to safeguard NHS pharmacy services and ensure local pharmacies have a future.

Why is this important?

Our local NHS pharmacies are on the brink of collapse, despite having proven during the pandemic that they are more needed now than ever. Since 2015, their funding has been cut by 40% and 1400 pharmacies have permanently closed, putting vital NHS services at risk. Without fair funding from the Government, many more pharmacies will be forced to close.

One important step the government can take is to commit to fully funding the 'Pharmacy First' Service in England so people with minor illnesses can be treated on the NHS by their local pharmacy, instead of having to wait to see a GP for a prescription.

Community pharmacies provide vital health and social care in communities across the country, including the most deprived neighbourhoods. Please back our local pharmacies – so they can continue to keep people well and save lives!



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