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To: East of England Co-Op

Save our Post Office from closure at Five ways Norwich


Paul has asked me to thank everyone who supported this campaign.
"A huge Thank You to everyone who took the time to sign this petition in hope that Fiveways Post Office would stay open. Great news- I have found a husband and wife team to run the office after Mike and I retire.
Best wishes and stay safe,

East of England Co-op please take on running the Post Office in your shop on Earlham Green Lane when Paul retires in January 2021.

Paul has been negotiating with the East of England Co-op for 18 months and they have decided they won't take running the Post Office on. If he doesn't sell the franchise by January the Post Office will close. This is a busy profitable Post Office which brings in business for the East of England Co-Op.

Why is this important?

It's essential for the community - local residents rely on the Post Office for banking, bill payments, stamps and parcels, and all the other services it provides. It would be a real blow to this community to lose their Post Office. The nearest one is too far to expect people to walk and many can't afford buses and cars to journey there.

Norwich, UK

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