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To: Paula Vennells, CEO Post Office Ltd.

Save our Post Office services in North Bristol

Save our Post Office services in North Bristol

Brentry Post Office, 155 Crow Lane, Henbury, BS10 7DR was closed down on May 31st. Westbury on Trym Post Office suddenly closed in August but thankfully has now re-opened. Other local services also appear to be under threat. Please re-open our local Post Offices and reassure us they will be protected and continue to provide services in this region.

Why is this important?

Crow Lane Post Office provides invaluable services to residents, particularly the elderly and disadvantaged. The next nearest Post Office will be a bus journey away which is unacceptable for elderly, disabled and vulnerable people.
As well as the cost of the bus ticket, the time and inconvenience, some will not be able to make bus journeys due to ill health and this will place a heavy burden on our community.
There is a large population of elderly people living close to Crow Lane specifically for the convenience of the shops and particularly the Post Office. This area should not be deprived of a vital service such as a Post Office.
If you agree and would like to show your support please sign our petition on the right.

Crow Lane, Bristol

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Reasons for signing

  • We are still reliant on post office for many services and Station Road, Henbury has been closed on several occasions I have visited. This is totally unacceptable for those without transport or mobility issues.
  • It's important to keep post offices open because it is part of our community.
  • useful shop/P.O. will be greatly missed by all.SIP


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