To: Paula Vennells, CEO Post Office Ltd.

Save our Post Office in Crow Lane

Save our Post Office in Crow Lane

Brentry Post Office, 155 Crow Lane, Henbury, BS10 7DR is due to close on May 31st. Please do not allow our local Post Office on Crow Lane to close down.

Why is this important?

Crow Lane Post Office provides invaluable services to residents, particularly the elderly and disadvantaged. The next nearest Post Office will be a bus journey away which is unacceptable for elderly, disabled and vulnerable people.
As well as the cost of the bus ticket, the time and inconvenience, some will be not be able to make bus journeys due to ill health and this will place a heavy burden on our community.
There is a large population of elderly people living close to Crow Lane specifically for the convenience of the shops and particularly the Post Office. This area should not be deprived of a vital service such as a Post Office.
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Crow Lane, Bristol


Reasons for signing

  • Because a sense of community has been lost and many elders, in fact most need a post office As there are no banks.
  • I know from my work for the local MP many local residents rely on the post office.


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