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To: Rt Revd Libby Lane, Bishop of Derby

Save Willington Old School

Willington Old School is a Village Community Hall. It is owned by your Derby Diocese Board of Education.

The site was renovated, at village expense, in 1994 after falling into disuse and disrepair.

Since then the site has been home to the village preschool, the village after school club, and so many other groups, Willington Parish Council, Children's Dance Group, Children's Youth Club, Morris Dancers, Sign Language Club, History Groups etc.

Our 28 year lease of the site has now expired. We want to continue the Old Schools good work, we want a new lease that is affordable.

Why is this important?

The Derby Diocese Board of Education want to increase our lease fees by 6 times, we cannot afford this.

We are concerned that the site will be sold for housing development, the village needs a preschool more than a few more houses.

Our preschool and after school club have nowhere else to go. Jobs would be lost and our children's education and school preparation adversely affected.

A little bit of the village would die.

As President of the Board you love Derbyshire, help us please. Willington needs you.

If Willington Old School is lost, then so might the preschool and the after school club.

They are both fully booked, they are needed. Where will people send their children instead?

Nowhere! There is a national shortage of preschool places right now. Don't make that worse, let us stay open.

Protect jobs and look after our children.

Save our school
The Castle Way, Willington, Derby DE65 6BT, UK

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2023-06-07 17:39:54 +0100

We have produced a Leaflet explaining our plight, people of Willington check your letter boxes!

2023-06-03 02:40:56 +0100

1,000 signatures reached

2023-05-29 21:58:55 +0100

At the moment the site has to be used, by law, for educational purposes. Guess what the Diocese (site owner) have asked for this legal requirement to be removed........why??

2023-05-24 23:38:22 +0100

Letter has been sent to our MP Heather Wheeler........

2023-05-23 19:32:42 +0100

500 signatures reached

2023-05-22 15:54:35 +0100

100 signatures reached

2023-05-22 14:58:39 +0100

50 signatures reached

2023-05-22 14:37:51 +0100

25 signatures reached

2023-05-22 14:10:08 +0100

10 signatures reached