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To: Gavin Williamson MP - Education Secretary

Give schools the money they need

Give schools the money they need

Increase government funding for schools so they can afford the staff and equipment they need - without taking cost saving measures like cutting hours.

Why is this important?

I've started this petition as my children's school is currently trying to shut early on Fridays to save money. It would mean parents having to leave work earlier to pick their children up, or paying for childcare in the school. And it would disrupt children's learning.

And my school isn't the only one proposing this. Schools across England are struggling. Schools across the country are affected thanks to real terms funding cuts of £2.5bn. Schools are having to make cuts to staffing, dropping subjects and other activities, and asking parents to chip in to help them run.

As a parent I think it's ridiculous that in 2019 schools are being forced to shut their doors early, or cut entire subjects because the government won't give them the money they need. Investment in schools is an investment in our children's future. The government should be doing everything it can to make sure children in England have the best start in life, and the best education to help them succeed.


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