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To: Samih Kalakeche and Joe Anderson (Mayor)

Save our Services/Liverpool

To stop the Privatisation of Supported living for the Physically Disabled and Learning Disabilities.

Why is this important?

'Liverpool City Council recently revealed plans to privatise Supported Accommodation for people with learning difficulties in the city.
These services play an essential role in supporting people to live independently in the community.
The plans will lead to staff losing their jobs or working for new private bosses.
The bosses won't hesitate to drive down the pay and conditions of their staff.
This will result in a high turnover of staff. This will affect the quality of support tenants get.
At a time when many people with learning difficulties/physically disabled can't find work and suffer from hate crime, support should be extended not cut.
We the undersigned demand that this support should be provided as a public service by staff who know the tenants, not by the private sector.'

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