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  • Liverpool
    Save our Services/Liverpool
    'Liverpool City Council recently revealed plans to privatise Supported Accommodation for people with learning difficulties in the city. These services play an essential role in supporting people to live independently in the community. The plans will lead to staff losing their jobs or working for new private bosses. The bosses won't hesitate to drive down the pay and conditions of their staff. This will result in a high turnover of staff. This will affect the quality of support tenants get. At a time when many people with learning difficulties/physically disabled can't find work and suffer from hate crime, support should be extended not cut. We the undersigned demand that this support should be provided as a public service by staff who know the tenants, not by the private sector.'
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    Created by Carys Mckenna
  • Hyton
    keep our lollipop man
    Safety for our children. Alan has become well known and liked by both children and adults alike, he always has a friendly smile and a wave to give weather you are walking or driving to school. He provides a much needed service at a crucial crossing point, with a much needed smile come morning and night. It is my personal experience that I am unable to cross my 2 young children across the road as there is no dropped curb, I have to use a mobility scooter to take my children to school and have to go onto the road to be able to get on and off the path, Alan safely crosses my children for me and the proceeds to aid in my crossing too.
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    Created by Andrew clarke
  • End the archaic and oppressive regime of sanctions at DWP
    It's a matter of principles in belief and defense of the last remnants of the welfare state of which a slow and deliberate attempt has been made to eliminate to the benefit of nobody in society. It's also in contradiction of human rights legislation recognized on an international basis...
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    Created by Damian Kershaw
  • Liverpool
    Save Liverpool Libraries
    My name is Elysce. I am 11 years old and live in Liverpool. My favourite thing to do in the world is read, and hope one day to become an author and that people will read the stories I have written. I have read hundreds of books and love finding new ones in my library. I think it would be an awful thing to take away the books from people. If I do become an author when I am older, people should be able to visit the libraries and read my stories. I love visiting the libraries in Liverpool, and my mum was happy that I spent lots of time in the summer holidays visiting them. I also went to a 2 week camp called "book it" my mum has told me that the council paid a lot of money for me to go, and that they are partners with the company who organised it, so what I don't understand is, why encourage children to read, and spend a lot of money getting them interested in it, and all of a sudden take it away!! Please please please support and help my to stop the libraries from closing in Liverpool. I couldn't imagine how boring life would be if we had no books. Someone once said: "In the library one often finds, people close their mouths and open their minds" I really think that this is true. Thank you
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    Created by Elysce Hastie
  • Wirral
    Stop UCG, CBM and fracking in the Wirral and Merseyside
    It is vital that the health and well being of the people, wildlife, geology, local industries and property value in the Wirral and whole of Merseyside are not affected by the dangers of pollution, contamination and other potential disasters such as subsidence which the processes of UCG and Fracking are known to create.
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    Created by Paul Molloy
  • Keep Lyndale special school open
    Lyndale school is a special school for children with special needs. Its a wonderful school and the council want to close it due to shortfall of £70,000. For some of the children there is no suitable alternative. The disruption and emotional upheaval to the children this will cause is dispicable and we urge the council to reconsider. We will fight all the way and by any means to keep this school open.
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    Created by john healing