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Save Our Soho Doctors

Save Our Soho Doctors

Stop Living Care’s proposal to make one full time doctor post redundant.

After our successful campaign to save Soho Square General Practice, the new provider, Living Care, promised the Patient Participation Group that they would retain both of our popular local GPs, Dr. Brassey and Dr. Cheung. Less than a year-and-a-half into the contract, they notified the PPG of their intention to delete one full-time doctor post. We believe that this would be detrimental to our local Surgery and have negative effects for our diverse Soho community.

Why is this important?

Soho Square General Practice has two full-time doctors, Dr. Brassey & Dr. Cheung, who are respected in our local community. They serve a diverse range of patients, including many Soho residents, and have developed a specialism serving London’s Chinese & LGBTQ+ communities.

Soho, London

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Reasons for signing

  • Patient numbers are growing but the company who runs the surgery want to cut back! Our community is united to support Soho Surgery and its professional staff who care for our unique mix of our community that defines Soho: LGBT, seniors, local workers, Europeans, families, Chinese speakers... Everyone is welcome and the staff take pride in their open door. I have no issue in 100% supporting Cllr Paul Church's petition. Patrick Lilley West End Ward Labour Party Candidate May 2018.
  • In one of the most socially diverse and densely populated areas of our capital, how could a single doctor be enough? It's a complex area to serve and deserves more attention.
  • Save our community!


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