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To: Minister for Small Businesses, Consumers & Corporate Responsibility, Post Office Ltd, BAE Systems Pension Fund Trustee Ltd

Save our South Kensington Post Office

"We the undersigned join our councillors and local residents associations in expressing our dismay about the Post Office's decision, closing our local South Kensington branch on 31 July without providing a viable and sustainable alternative that meets the needs of all residents, including the elderly and disabled and local businesses. We ask the Minister to review the decision to close the current branch until an alternative plan for South Kensington is found to satisfy the most basic equalities assessment. We call on the Post Office Ltd, the BAE Systems Pension Fund Trustee Ltd (landlord of the branch) as well as the Minister to listen to the unanimous majority of residents and local businesses to find a solution so that universal postal service will continue to be provided at the current premises on 41 Old Brompton Road, London SW7 3JG.

Why is this important?

It is an intensely used Post Office in a unique location, less than 150 meters from South Kensington underground and bus station, and in a high-density residential area. This Post Office serves an unusual high number of residents, businesses, tourists, employees working nearby and institutions that are located next to the branch. If this Post Office were to close it would open up a huge hole in the network of post offices in the south east of the borough, which has already suffered from closures in the past. South Kensington Post Office is a vital social and community use which is essential for the population of South Kensington and south-east Chelsea. The set up and location of the proposed alternative branches are not fit for purpose. We need to keep this post office because it has a proper set up, specifically its closeness to a main transportation hub for easy access, step free access, wide internal layout for strollers and wheelchairs, sufficient counters to manage the customer flow and demand as well as broad range of services.

How it will be delivered

We plan to deliver the signatures directly to the Minister.

London SW7 3JP

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