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To: Robert Jenrick - Housing Minister, Theresa Villiers - Environment Secretary, Kevin Stewart MSP - Scottish Housing Minister & Julie James AM - Welsh Housing Minister

Save our Swifts

Save our Swifts

Legislate that all UK house builders shall install Swift bricks in all new-build homes, and give incentives for retrofitting nest boxes on older properties.

Why is this important?

Swifts numbers have declined across the UK by 53% between 1995 and 2016. By incorporating a Swift brick in all new houses we can save these beautiful birds.

On fine summer evenings Swifts gather in "low flying screaming parties" as they chase each other around the buildings where they nest.

Because they rely on eating insects, Swifts can only live in the UK for a short period in summer when insects are plentiful. Swifts migrate south to Africa in August and return to us in the following May.

Let's make sure we continue to have Swifts every summer.

Photo: Action for Swifts - Model S swift box


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Reasons for signing

  • I am happy to sign in principal but unhappy to see that the alternative brick is a plastic one, which is both inappropriate environmentally (how much plastic is going to be generated by this initiative? (it is perfectly possible to do this in brick) and with respect to the aesthetics of the design. The plastic replacement looks awful in contrast to the surrounding brick!
  • Please help ensure the safety and protection of swifts.
  • We have three swift nests in our eaves. It is an old house. We love the birds screaming around the house. It is a wonderful day when they arrive.


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