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To: Cllr. Philip Lunn - Wealden District Council

Save our swimming - Protect Uckfield's Pool!

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Wealden District Council and East Sussex County Council need to listen to the voices of Uckfield people.

Uckfield Leisure Centre is vital to our community. Our children learn to swim, our families have fun, and our old and young residents alike keep fit and socialise. We ask that Wealden District Council renews the lease with East Sussex County Council, allowing Uckfield residents to continue enjoying the pool they helped pay for nearly forty years ago.

Please, protect our pool and save our swimming.

Why is this important?

Uckfield Leisure Centre and swimming pool is being threatened with closure. For many Uckfield residents, the Leisure Centre is not just a gym and pool, but a vital part of the community. It is where our children learn to swim and where many of their parents learnt, too. Older residents remember paying for the pool, donating to the Uckfield Indoor Swimming Pool Trust in the 1980s. The Leisure Centre is not just a council building; it is our pool and we want it protected.

With thousands more homes planned for the Uckfield area in the next 5 years, we need more public services - not less. Our Youth Centre has already been shut, leaving our young people without an indoor social space other than the pool. It meets their curriculum needs of learning to swim, saving school time by reducing travel to other towns for lessons, and the environment. Like our young people, families and older residents also benefit both physically and socially from swimming and the many other sporting activities provided at the Leisure Centre. It serves the whole community like few other places do.

We know that times are tough. Many of us are feeling it more than we ever have before, and are making difficult choices as a result. We ask that Wealden District Council does the same, by finding a way to look after our Leisure Centre and save our swimming pool. We see that money, many millions in fact, can be found for our neighbours in Crowborough and Hailsham, and we are pleased for them. We all deserve good, local public services. We just ask for some of the same.

Please, protect our pool and save our swimming.

Uckfield TN22, UK

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Our campaign is quickly gathering pace, so we have decided to move from just a petition to a physical campaign! We are asking everyone who is able to come to the Leisure Centre at midday on Saturday 18th March to show our support for our much loved Leisure Centre. Please bring placards and be ready to make some noise!

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